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  • Our therapist does a great job...

    "Our therapist does a great job communicating with us on his progress and helping us identify what we can do for him at home everyday.

    She is AWESOME! We are truly Blessed to have her in my sons life. 'Thank you.'

    She has been the one constant for over two years. She knows them best and they like her best. It"s a fabulous relationship. She has not only been helpful to their development but to my learning as a parent. I feel better about my approach in teaching skills, pushing appropriately and setting new goals.

    You can tell she loves kids and her job. She has always been pro-active when it comes to my child. She is a great listener and very active participant in the success my son has achieved.

    On a scale from 1-10 our therapist is a 20!!

    She is a wonderful educator and is helpful with ideas for my child and her learning process. I am so thankful for her. She is a huge asset to Jabbergym.

    She shows concern with action and always addresses questions we bring to her. We also appreciate her flexibility with scheduling."

  • Our therapist was extremely professional...

    "Our therapist was extremely professional and a wealth of knowledge. She was effective at knowing how to adapt to the needs of the child. She was a Master at creating a learning environment despite any obstacles (child's attitude, behaviors, etc) I just couldn't be happier with the services we received from Erin. She is truly a gifted teacher.

    She has been a blessing to our family and my son's development. We cherish the work she has done for us and hope to have her working with our child through age 3. Her flexibility and knowledge is refreshing."

  • My therapist is great...

    "My therapist is great, we've progressed tremendously since she first started coming. It was very beneficial that Jabbergym came into our lives.

    She works well with easing her into activities and praises her a lot when she does good. Very pleased with her services."

  • Our therapist is great...

    "Our therapist is great is great in keeping Gabby interested and turning everyday things into a learning experience. If Gabby is having an off day she adjusts her lesson plan to find other areas to work on. She has also been helpful in giving us ideas to keep Gabby moving forward in her development. She always goes out of her way to include Gabby's siblings when they are out of school, so that Gabby can still have a great learning day. Gabby would be lost without her therapist. Thank You!"

  • My therapist is an excellent representative...

    "My therapist is an excellent representative for Jabbergym."