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Infant Development Program

Child Development Specialists at Jabbergym strive to maximize the potential of young children via research-based intervention planning. With focus on the five primary domains of infant and toddler development; fine motor, gross motor, social adaptation, communication, and cognition Jabbergym recognizes that research has proven early intervention services have long-term positive affects on children. This belief in the power of early intervention for children with disabilities is the driving force behind our infant development program.

We provide in-home services with full parent/caregiver participation to maximize learning in the natural environment. We believe that our programs address initial skill acquisition and generalization and maintenance of skills.

The infant development program includes a transdisciplinary team including; child development specialist, speech pathologist, physical therapist, occupational therpaist and a feeding specialist. This team works together to create a Whole-Child learning experience and facilitates ongoing parent education with provision of activities for a successful home program.


If you have further questions as to whether your child should be considered for Jabbergym infant development program please refer to "screen my child" on our homepage or please contact our infant development supervisor at (916) 771-8255 or emailĀ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jabbergym is a vendored Infant Development Program with the Alta California Regional Center.